Monday, 8 June 2009

Thursday, 4 June 2009

OuR tV CaSe StUdIeS

In my group we have devised a tv case study of our group.
our tv drama is called Mahattan Murders and is about a killer attacks victims and is investigated the police. in the drama you see prospectives of the victims murderer and the police which are trying to find this mass murderer.
the are many characters in our new tv drama, they are:
-Dr Larry Frank-which is a highly trained assassin which murders four victims and is on the run from the Police.
-The four victims consist of Lisa Stratford, Samatha charles, Mrs choudry and Zainab Pimm.
-Schedule of manhattan murders-The show will be showing at 10:00pm on channel 4 and will be 4hours and will have 2 hours in each week. This show is a one off and is a great show.
-The influences on this show are CSI, Dexter and midsummer murders